Why I work with kids.

Kids. These. Days.

During the most dreamy, colorful, and creative years of their lives – toddlerhood to teenagers, kids have so few responsibilities other than learning how to be good humans.  They typically don’t have mortgages or car payments, and they don’t think about how the roof is getting old and needs to be replaced.  They think up games and glue things together, and play with their food.  They laugh loudly.

All that is on the agenda is creativity, learning, and fun.
Their minds are the sharpest these years, and it is up to us parents to squish as many stories, songs, outings, projects, experiences, skills, love, etc. into their little high-powered brains as we can.  Yet, sometimes they just want someone to pay attention and talk to them.

Kids keep you young.
To engage with them cleans out the clogs of issues in our minds and it sometimes makes us see that the little things are most important. That is why I started teaching kids how to sew.



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