I’m not that into weddings.

Yes.  Not that into weddings. Unless they concern my friends, then I get all excited and weepy.

Again, my pal Sara enlisted my help on her path to wedded bliss – her bridal headpiece.

She asked me if I could make her something super-simple and classic to go with a wedding dress that was WAY better than my own, with a sassy tea-length, lovely short sleeves, and just enough applique action. The look was finished with sapphire blue d’orsay pumps accented with brooch accents.

I am not a milliner in any official way.  But I embarked on an adventure of materials and shaping methods that was fun, and also motivated by a timeline of delivery.  I learned of buckram – a stiff foundation fabric that is addictively sculptable.  I used 100% wool to line over the buckram for the softness to the shape, and then completed the body by hand-sewing stretch taffeta over all the layers of wool.

After that was complete, I added the birdcage tulle.  That was the most difficult step and i had to consider position on her head for how far the tulle extended. I was happy that it came out with a welding-helmet-esque shape, and did not pull off eyelashes or lipstick.  WIN.


  • Layers of wool for soft shaping
  • Before the wool is sewn down
  • Domed Center
  • View of structure from beneath
  • Packaged for pickup
  • final hat shape
  • Sara and her dad
  • pre-launch texts

Lastly, I got to do a couple of hand-lettered signs for cards and the sign-in table.  I really loved providing this service.  Please hire me for this – I could do it ALL DAY!


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