Lately I haven’t posted much, lazing around on Instagram instead. 

Tl;dr : holy crap!! I’m left handed, but I just figured out I can write just fine with my right hand, too! 

My new activity is calligraphy/hand lettering. If finding new reasons to buy art supplies was a competitive sport, I could quit my day job and hang out at Texas Art Supply all day long.  I’ve been stalking pens, nibs, ink, and paper over the last two weeks, and falling down the rabbit hole. 
I’m a lefty, but have a bit of right-handed inclinations since I’ve been mousing as a designer over 20 years with my right hand. Over that many years, a lefty designer’s right hand can gain advantages of hand/eye coordination that can’t really be grasped until one tried it out. 

“Switch Hitter” was written with my right hand first attempt since maybe high school…?  

Maybe I can actually do a little bit of lettering on the future for some dough. Or, my favorite- for bartering. Not really a post-apocalyptic skill, but handy.




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