Which workspace would you like?

When you want to start a sewing project, you get excited about a new fabric, or the buttons or zippers or thread! No one gets excited about cleaning up their space. Me, especially. Except for when I am organizing to start a new project.

I took a picture of my workspace when I just got up in the middle of the project to run and get a drink. Maybe. 5 minute gap. Total mess. But, I was in the zone and didn’t need to put everything in its place, etc.

  • This is why my sewing table looks like when I get up for 30+ minutes, or to go to bed.
  • This is how my workspace looks when I stop to get a quick snack or beverage, or if I have to run to the restroom.

If you haven’t finished a project and you have to leave it to go to bed, or to go eat a meal, remind yourself where you are by putting a quick post-it on your work that tells you where to pick up, and clear off the stray threads and scraps so that you can just jump in again. It’s a lot more fun to walk up to an organized space and start immediately, than spend the first minutes of your crafty time trying to clean up and then remember where you left off!

Let me know how that works for you – drop by on Facebook.

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