Buy fabric online, Not just the fabric store!

I will be the first to admit that when I arrive at my neighborhood JoAnn in the Bunker Hill shopping center, that they greet me by name, in almost a “NOOORM!” way that the patrons did on Cheers, in the 80’s.  I do like to peruse the latest contest winners on, and wanted to share a few other online sites that sell some great designs from really talented designers.  Here is a brief list.

1. Fabricworm – they have a great collection, and it is always changing. You can get organics here as well, along with varying textile weights.  They have nice promotions, if you hang around and subscribe to their newsletter.  My favorite designer here is Lotta Jansdotter.  I say yes to everything she creates – she’s like the design fairy.

2. Pink Castle Fabrics – They have a lot going on that is exciting. Easily searchable like FabricWorm, by designer, material, and collection.  They also have a couple of sewing camps that look very fun!  Or – you can treat yourself and subscribe to the monthly fabric clubs, and get a bundle of fat quarters or half yards for less than $50 a month.

3. Stash Fabrics – Stash has quite a few really unique designs that made me stop and look: A Patty Young Collection called Just My Type. So cute – includes type keys and some letterpress-inspired designs. Also, a pretty mix of line art and color in Patio Lights. Their canvas collection is small, but for apparel, I would definitely start here for the online fabric stores.

I am going to keep looking, but wanted to tuck these away for my students, to get them started shopping online, if they wanted to go further than around the corner.

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