How hard is it to sew a project?  I’ve never sewn before!

There are a few types of projects that are for different students.  Some are more precise with the steps of cutting and construction, and some are more “freehand” and subject to the creativity of the artist.  Any of the projects I teach can be completed the first time you sit down to sew.  I’ll help you out!


How long does it take to complete a typical project?

Usually 2-3 hours.  We spend 15-30 minutes covering basic skills and how the machine works, and then we start on the project.  I bring a single machine to the lesson – it is a Singer Esteem.  It’s a basic free-arm, non-computerized machine.  Each student takes a turn sewing their project. If a student has their own non-computerized machine, I can teach them on their machine (computerized machines take longer to learn)


Can I use my own sewing machine?

If you have a machine that you have used before, and you know how to:
1. Thread the bobbin.
2. Lift the foot
3. Thread the topstitching needle

Then, YES. You can use your machine.  If it is computerized, and you haven’t used it before, I would prefer you use my machine for the class.  You’ll have a wonderful appreciation of the computerized machine when you’ve worked with a standard electric machine.


Can you show me how to use the machine I just bought?

Yes – in a separate session from your sewing class project.  $25/hour.


What kinds of projects are appropriate for different groups?

If the kids are having a party that is a mix of eating and beverages and this lesson is a casual component, you might want to have the kids select a more freehand-type of project like a felt monster, or a pillow.  If you have a more introverted, quiet group, then they’ll probably be able to focus better and make a reversible bag or a clutch purse, or a headband, which are items that require more time at the machine and accuracy.


I just want a series of lessons for my child.  How much would that be?

Similar to a musical lessons, sewing requires homework to reinforce the skills.  I would recommend a series of 4-6 lessons, once a week, with small practice in between.  At the end, your child would be able to follow and cut a simple pattern to make a simple garment, complete with buttonholes and zippers.  At the end of these lessons would be a good time to decide on what kind of machine you will want to purchase.


How old does my child have to be to participate in an on-site sewing class?

My students must be at least 8 years old and have relatively good control of their impulses.  There is an element of caution that must be maintained during the class – fabric scissors are very sharp, the sewing machine has a needle that must be avoided, and pins are used for affixing the pattern to the fabric.  Use your own judgement here, and discuss with your child.  If you would like to have a child participate that is under the minimum age, you may assist them where you think they may need help.






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